Around the turn of the Century a journey in a luxury steam train through the picturesque landscapes and magnificent cities of Europe
was part of the exquisite attitude to life of the “Fin de siecle”. These travels in the grand trains of the past have remained unforgotten
for a good reason. The comfortable compartments and the luxurious furnishings were as much part of the travelling experience as
the perfect service at glamorous dinners and their culinary highlights. The constructors of these trains, built for the European nobility,
were proud to create works of art out of steel and iron to offer the guests not only the highest possible comfort but also luxurious elegance.

Gottfried had worked for the railways for over thirty-five years, having begun his career shoveling coal on a steam locomotive.

After many months, their dream became reality with the rebirth of the Salon I carriage, adapting the still existing original plans to
meet strict modern safety requirements.


This quest for highest perfection and harmony was the motivation to recreate these luxury trains. And so the travelers of today can enjoy
a unique experience in one of the most beautiful palaces on wheels:
the Majestic Imperator Train de Luxe.


On May 19th 1998, the youngest female descendant of Emperor Franz Joseph I. and his famous wife Empress Elisabeth,
Maria Christina Habsburg-Lothringen, baptized the glamorously restored Majestic Imperator Luxury train composed of
six carriages all together.


Sincerely yours
Stefan Gutmann & Team



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